The security trend of the University of Buea has grown from strength to strength in the past years. Recently on campus there is a mélange of both the campus police and the Esoka police so as to ensure law and order.The welfare of students and lecturers as well as the university property need to be protected reasons why the vice chancellor professor Nalova lyonga is doing everything possible to boost security on campus.

The U.B campus police are uniquely dressed in a brown and black uniform and the Esoka security are completely dressed on black uniform and are most exceedingly armed. There are commonly doted all over campus and have evolved from guarding the campus to protecting students and lecturers, enforcing laws, executing decisions taking and maintaining peace as well as order on campus. They also stop and search all incoming and outgoing vehicles. It is hard to hear of rampant cases of theft, rape and act of violence and in the case in the in earlier years.  Also the campus police ensure that no activity takes place in the campus after 9 PM and any one leaving the campus with any University property must present an exit ticket from the administration.the campus police have been trained in self-defense, firefighting, investigating and psychology, therefore enables them to become competent in their profession. Even so, the campus police have made considerable success as indecency on campus has greatly reduced and given the University of Buea a new face lift making it a Land of Peace.





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