Stanley Enow, the King of Cameroonian Hip-Hop


Stanley Enow is the first Cameroonian artist nominated for the MTV African Music AwardsNot since the early 90s Cameroon’s popular music has witnessed this level of international recognition. Back then, Makossa was still ruling the African scene, when artists such as Lapiro de Mbanga (R.I.P.), Prince Eyango, Sam Fan Thomas or Charlotte Mbango (R.I.P) where serenading the streets of Lagos, Abidjan, Nairobi or Dar Es Salaam. I still remember when in 2007, from the back seat, listening to a Sam Fan Thomas tune from a Kisumu cab’s stereo. The cab driver, unaware that I was Cameroonian, shared his love for the Makassi artist. The same scenario repeated itself in Kigali few months later, when I rode in a cab filled with Charlotte Mbango’s melodies. I also remember a former classmate of mine from Zambia reminding how Prince Eyango’s “You must calculate” was so popular in Zambia that it competed with the country’s national anthem.

stanley Enow, for this just his first act, seems to have federated all African (hip-hop) urban music lovers with his single “Hein Pere”. The follow up single “TumbuBoss” is not too shabby either. S. Enow is officially the first Cameroonian act that has been nominated for the MTV African Music Awards, which may be a sign of the resurgence of Cameroon’s Music in Africa


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