Latest fashion trend among students in the university of Buea has become more of a habit..Fashion has become a common phenomenon on the university of Buea campus, where most people look like stars rather than students. However the boys are not left out of the fashion game. They are often seen wearing khaki trousers, jean shirts with spikes on it and boot such as timberland. The dressing styles are also very unique as boys button their shirt up to their neck and put on chains must often gold even during extremely hot weather conditions. They also fashion trend like putting on ‘wiz khalifa’ inner wears and trousers below their waste and also flying out of shirt. The guys regularly put on ray band glasses and flat top caps with trademarks such as Watti B, Obey, YMCMB just to name but these. It also ranges down to hair styles as boys commonly shave ‘punk’ ‘cock sportive’ and ‘bull zero’ and leave beard on their chin commonly known as ‘rick ross’In regards to the ladies, one can barely take a step or two without girls putting on fashion clothing such as leggings common refer to as ‘colang’ , tied free blouses ‘ margo-up’ and more so kadashian jacket. Some of this clothing’s are commonly bright colors ranging from pink, blue, red, yellow and it commonly accompany by low shoes commonly known as ‘balery’ or high heel shoes.Despite all odd, students do not fear been chase out of campus and one might wonder if they choose fashion to education or the other way round.




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