Another celebrity joins chris brown in jail

R&B artist Chris Brown has been locked up in the Los Angeles County Jail and reports claim he has another famous singer in the jail cell right next to him. Singer James DeBarge has been thrown in the same jail as Brown and the two have already collaborated on music together


The details of Chris Brown’s unexpected LA County Jail new neighbor have surfaced online.

 “The two R& B stars are locked up in side-by-side cells — in the segregated unit for high profile inmates. We’re told they’ve been collaborating on music and have already written three songs, performing them during the long days … with other cellmates harmonizing. This is kind of amazing … they can’t see each other. It’s all about the sounds. You know why Chris is behind bars. As for DeBarge … it’s all about those pesky drug convictions. “ (TMZ)

Brown’s latest legal issues recently hit the internet.

“Brown, 25, wore an orange jail jumpsuit and handcuffs, but he appeared to be smiling as he was led into court in Los Angeles by deputies Friday afternoon. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Brandlin immediately sentenced Brown to serve 365 days in jail for the admitted probation violation. He was given credit for serving 234 days because of the rehab and jail time, leaving 131 days left to serve.” (CNN)


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