Online Registration in The University of Buea Fails Students Switch Back to Manual Registration.his system of registration was implemented two years ago and was plagued with a lot difficulty at the very on set. The concept behind the online registration process is to enable students to get register their courses through the internet and to actually connect with various faculties and departments without actually getting in touch with any personality. This piece of innovation was introduced in the University of Buea to replace the traditional manual registration process. Just like any novelty, it takes a long time for people to adopt and familiarize themselves with the technology.

During this academic year the files of a majority of the student who have applied for their registration codes have been precluded. Such files have been dumped on the corridors of faculty buildings as in the case of the faculty of social and management far just a few number of students have completed the on line registration which is very shattering especially as the academic year is ckose to an end.However the online registration process proved worthless despite the administration’s efforts put in place to ameliorate the situation. The online registration process however has been beleaguered with controversies like late submission of registration codes leaving students very disgruntled.Howeve,r Ngalle raul of the department of geography say ‘on line registration process is very slow and futile. The administration should stop emulating the westerners because they are completely digitalized and advanced in technology than us’.Nevertheless due to the persistent failure of online registration in the University of Buea, it has proven that online registration or technology will take quite some long time for it to become effective in the University of Buea. As of now the online system of registration has been suspended and the manual system of registration revisited so as to enable students quickly register for the academic year.


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