A Preview of the 17 th Editiion of the University Games.

imagesThe much cherished University Games saw the dawn of a new day, the Olympic Torch was lit at the Douala University Complex I on the 3rd of May 2014.The event brings together state and private universities from all over the country together with other higher institutions of learning. The event also brought together the Minister of Higher Education, Minister of Youth and Physical Education, president of FENASU, Governor of the littoral region and many others like the Rectors and Vice Chancellors of various Universities and over 3000 athletes. The event was animated by a breath taking parade of all institutions, speeches from the ministers and other dignitaries and sponsors. The Minister of Higher education Pr Jacques Fame during the opening ceremony in his speech, thanked all the sponsors and cautioned athletes to imbibe fair play.
The Rector of the University of Douala, Joseph Antoin Bell recieved the olympic torch brought all the way from Ngoundere, the host of the last University games in the Douala university complex I.


With the opening ceremony begun the games in which all athletes in various disciplines did their best to return home with medals to represent victory. This one week competition ended up with the University of Buea bringing home 15 medals: 2 gold medals in the disciplines of judo and handball boys, 6 silver medals and 7 bronze medals. Several disciplines’ were outstanding during the games such the handball boys, basketball ladies, table tennis and football boys, just to name a few .however this was a sensational from the university of Buea as compared to last year’s games in Ngoundere were the came home with just 9 medals.


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