The ban of Taxis into the University of Buea campus ‘A’ is causing more harm than good to stakeholders of the institution.

throughout the first semester of the 2013/2014 academic year no taxis have be allow to get pass the second gate of the university of Buea campus ‘A’. This decision was taken by the vice chancellor of the university, Dr.Nalova Nyonga following the last strike action, which resulted to serious destruction of school property. Must people thought it was a temporary issue, but so far that perception has be proving false.

During very poor weather conditions ,whether it is severely raining or extremely hot, students are expected to trek for a long distance before they get to class for lectures. Those whom are well verse with the campus A of the University of Buea will bear that when trekking from areas like U-block to Restau is very gruesome and devastating. Pregnant women and handicap students are compelled to go through this horrible situation on weekly bases despite their condition. However this decision by the administration of the university pours down even on lecturers who use public transport as some of them come late for lectures.

Marselline Ayuk a student of political science expresses great disappointment “trekking from one area of the class to another is gravely difficult. Sometimes you horridly enter the class gasping and sweating which impedes ones understanding of lectures”.

However Tatah John a student of the department of law, complained that the punishment was too much, “when I am having a class from 3pm to 5pm and from 5pm to 7pm I am usually sent out of the second class respectively for late coming, which is principally because of the absent of taxis which is very daunting and something should be done.

According to an administrator of the University of Buea who preferred anonymity, said some of the reasons are that, stopping taxis at the second gate of the campus is to enable security guards to check students who dress abruptly and also illegal things are easily smuggled into the campus. He also reiterated that the university is an educational institution and the presents of taxis on campus cause a lot of noise and disorder.


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